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02-13-2013, 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by illcadia View Post

The Elite death injury mechanic was a neat idea, but ultimately is more annoying than anything.

The current UI for healing injuries requires too many menus and drop down lists, the components don't cost enough for there to be real detriment.

On top of this, the places in the game like Elite STFs or as you suggest PvP where this mechanic would be used, death can comes too easy and too frequently for this to be anything more than a negative impact on fun.

I know you want to remove the healing during the event mechanic, but that's an even worse idea that what exists now.

Player A on Team 1 is quickly sized up as the weakest link, the more you kill him the easier it will be to kill him as he incurs incurable injuries each time you kill him that make him even weaker.

We already have an elite PvP mode, it's when two teams are formed ahead of time with optimized builds for an optimized team comp.

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