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Originally Posted by warpangel View Post
The "Treaty of Algeron" argument is meaningless. The Federation does have and routinely uses cloaks in STO.

Cloaking devices are entirely plug and play in canon. They have been used in numerous ships that have never been designed to use one, particularly in DS9. There is no canon reason why a cloak console couldn't be installed into any ship.

All ships already get a "cloaking device" with the T5 Romulan rep. That you can only use it for 7 seconds at a time is beside the point, all ships can now cloak in STO. And it's actually a Scimitar perfect cloak that let's you use shields and weapons!

The only reason Fed cloak consoles are limited to Defiant and Galaxy-X is those regularly used cloaks on TV. And the reason Klingons don't have cloak consoles to put on ships that don't have built-in cloak is...well I don't have any idea.

It would make perfect sense to put a cloak console in the Romulan rep.
It makes no sense to give the feds cloaking and the canon reason why exists in the games own backstory.
The AGT galaxy and Defiant has cloaking because they where grandfathered in before the UFFP said no more would it pursue cloaking. The T5 Romulan rep is a perk only and does not validate a need for an actual cloaking device.
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