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02-13-2013, 08:07 AM
I like your first post the best. I like it better than a new ability for distro, I think it would be good to have manual be something you could spec into. I would also really like a preset that lets you strengthen a facing, either through shield hit points, resist/regen like from power level setting, or some kind of priority redistribution. Can't resist: "Shields double front!"

I will also bring up my own genius idea from a while back: make 3 shield distro doffs that will add it to one of the 3 teams. Effectiveness of the distribution would scale with the level of the team.

+ TT is no longer default.
+ Ensign level isn't as effective as LtCdr.
+/-? It's more power to doffs but that's where our power creep is partially rooted so it balances doffs with doffs.
- Sci Team 3 will be badass, maybe too much so.
- Worth saying again, not sure we want to put more power into the doffs' hands.