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02-13-2013, 08:08 AM
A creative idea about fun new ways to expand this game's story. However, this idea would require their development team to do work that it's spent 3 years making up excuses for why they couldn't do such work. I doubt they have the ability to even think about adding depth to the Klingons, let alone the Gorn or Orions or Letheans.

Other multi-faction MMORPGs kind of add in this type of story and flavor at launch time and perpetuate the differences between the races as part of the overall story telling. But not Cryptic. Nope, they claim that 12% or 16% of their players aren't worth the time or money.

Even though the amount of Vulcan fans probably hits in at the same percentages. And Catian fans. And android fans. And Tellarite fans. And so on and so forth.