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02-13-2013, 09:31 AM
For a new tac player I would first focus on all cannons as there will be less to worry about during your attacks. Have an alt boff with your BO2 and swap it out every once in a while and see which you are more comfortable with. It's personal play style and preference.

If you're carrying 2 CRFs then you don't need the doffs that reduce cool down. I would instead go for the conn doffs that reduce CD of attack patterns so you can chain your Omegas faster and/or reuse your Delta sooner. They are very expensive though.

As for ships its all personal preference, they're all good. The fleet defiant and fleet MVAE are excellent choices for dps. If your ultimate goal is the Bug then the boff layout of the fleet patrol is closest so your transition would be minimal. If you feel you may not grind or pay up enough to get the Bug then you may be better off with the fleet defiant or MVAE in order to get the 5 tac consoles slots.