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02-13-2013, 09:42 AM
I dunno. Why not just address the issue of why we even need automatic distro in the first place? And if its decided that we DO need it and we AREN'T going to address it and we're all happy with it, why not just make shields distro automatically? Really. If we refuse to face this monkey down, why fight it? Why insist on using Boff slots for something deemed required. That's foolish.

"Hey Captain I notice you've put us on Red Alert so I've automatically cut us out of our high defense impulse mode so we're much easier to hit now. It does give us more power to play with. Maybe if you're VERY nice I'll adjust our shields to comepensate for the incoming fire."

So fix the underlying issue. And if its a refusal to address that, make it inherent and not cost slots that are precious to non tac ships. Ships that already get thier asses handed to them as it is.

LOL ur magic shield powerz don work wit out TT LOL! Just doesn't seem rational.

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