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# 32 Temporal Ambassador loop
02-13-2013, 10:05 AM
I have been running the Temporal Ambassador mission for all my characters. Last night, I ran it with one of my alternate characters. It bugged out and after finishing the mission. I get a "Go to the Tholian Base." I do so and I am re-enterted at the point where I exit the maintainance tubes and have to free the Enterprise-C again. I complete it again. Still the same "Go to the Tholian Base." I abandon it, complete it again. Once again, "Go to the Tholian Base"

I quit and come back today and try the mission on another character. Guess what? Yup. Complete the mission and it says, "Go to the Tholian Base." I've submitted both a bug report and GM call and I'm going to log in once more and see if I can do it. Otherwise I would like some sort of extention to complete this mission for my remaining characters.

Thank you.