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02-13-2013, 11:09 AM
It is probably completely impossible to rebalance the game at this point without massively restricting what doffs and special consoles can do.
Setting caps on buffs/debuffs would allow balancing without needing to touch (almost) anything. For example, if weapon damage could only be buffed by X%, you would be able to choose how to get there thru some mixture of tac consoles, buffs, etc. Hell, Cryptic could make it possible for any type of captain to reach any of the caps.

And diversity of builds increases - if you only need 3 tac consoles to hit the cap on energy weapons, you could finally dust off those torpedo consoles.

And special consoles just get you to a given cap faster, or with a different console slot. So a "slow" special console might impose the maximum "slow" debuff without using a BO slot for a tractor beam.
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