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02-13-2013, 11:34 AM
Piloting matters too. Cannons for example have a travel time as do torps, where beams are near instant after an activation time. This means the damage can be spread out w/distance allowing for manual rebalancing of shields and repairs on cooldowns to come back. I've done this w/a Vo'quv w/combat engines of all things while hindering the alpha source's movement.

Also, audio cues often give a heads up of an incoming alphas. BOs have a longer activation time and the audio cue starts at the beginning of the activation. Torps have a travel time and the audio cue helps.

I don't prebuff my teams and run 2-3 team types on nearly all my builds. I'll often only run w/1 copy of TT including non-aux2batt builds. I'm able to do this by piloting, having other Boff counters, and listening.

This doesn't mean my ship doesn't explode, it happens but (lag spikes aside) it's b/c the otherside played better, I was attempting to buy time for allies and sac'd myself, or I got tunnel vision and wasn't paying attention to what else was going on around me (usually the cause of my death b/c I prefer a hit and run playstyle and get stubborn and don't run when I should).