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02-13-2013, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by meurik View Post
Top NW things i'd like to see in STO:

- Vertical Maps (The Cloak Tower in NW was pretty awesomely designed)
- Foundry (proper Foundry rewards, drag-and-drop rooms etc)
- More integrated Foundry experience (bulletin boards, random npcs etc)
I'm down for any of that. But it will take time, and likely won't happen until NW is live and stable.

Originally Posted by meurik View Post
- Larger Maps (Protector's Enclave far exceeds the size of any STO map, save for possibly New Romulus)
This actually isn't true. PE is actually rather small, but they do a good job of tricking people into thinking it's much larger than it really is.
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