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02-13-2013, 12:01 PM
Tried some of the changes you suggested, I didn't quite like the hit and run play style with the two EptS especially after having 3 Jem'Bugs targeting me at the same time made the two EptS useless imo.

However I did switch AP:B out and replaced it with Delta, works wonders for helping me survive and kill from the two games I played with it.

I will end up using Engine Batteries from now on though mixed with the Red Matter, just from exp and what I've read people really like to knock engines offline... well a lot!

Changed weapons to XI DHC's with Acc x2 and CritD seen a major improvement over the Fleet.

Umm hmm other then that I killed and won a PvP against my Science Friend which I've never been able to beat her before.

I don't quite have access to Tier 5 Omega yet so that'll have to wait, I was one of the lucky people and got my sets before the Reputation change, but I am on the last tier so I'll have it done within the next week or two(I've been lazy lol).

Anyways thank you for the suggestions, some of them have helped quite a bit.