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02-13-2013, 11:02 AM
What I have always loved about sto... was the very active buffs.

This game of all the mmos I have played has some of the shortest cool downs one everything.

Even powerful captain abilities have no more then 3 min cool downs. Pretty much every other mmo ever made has much slower buff cycles.

I think it is part of the magic that keeps us coming back here despite all the other issues we complain about. STO is fast paced. (or at least it used to be) Don't get me wrong I never felt like it was some space shooter... it still felt very trek to me. (I know some people claimed the speed was untrek)... I think it had a nice balance. If you made an error with a buff there was ways to correct things before it was to late... ect.

Now we have a game where the devs seem to have decided that the very fast buff system we had wasn't fast enough. How else do you explain every second item/doff release having some sort of cool down reduction.

It has gotten to a point where there is no more point counter point... because frankly everything is always on. Having most buffs cooled down to global is pretty much a reality these days... you can get there with Tech doffs, dmg control doffs, all the weapons doffs, time sets, lockbox ships with more boff slots, fleet deflectors, all the sci skill doffs, Attack Pattern doffs.

Of all the changes the devs have made in the last year or so... its the cool down changes that have had the most impact imo... mostly it has completely removed the point counter point system... the heal reductions have made well built sci ships darn near unkillable... it has made escorts extremely tanky by freeing up tac slots, while increasing uptimes on high level attack patterns, and Emergency power systems. (lets all be honest with ourselves now... my escort has EPTS 1 and EPTE 1 up 100% of the time... and omega 3 up 50% of the time, delta is up when omega isn't and I run a aux to damp just in case I really need some turn.... there is no looking for the gaps in my buffs anymore cause there isn't one).

In any event I don't mean to turn this into a 2 page rant. I have found PvP to be less and less enjoyable in STO the last year... at first I blamed that on p2w consoles, and even ships. The more I think about it however, I think it really comes down to the dumbing down of the PvP game. The need for timing has been reduces... the value in watching buff bars has been lessened. (yes its still important... but there is no more counting off your enemies buff bars... cause likely when it ends it will just be reapplied)

With out annoying alot of people by completely changing a ton of doffs, items, and even ships... I can't think of anyway to bring that back. I honestly fear these types of threads are pretty much a post mortum at his point. It might be time for Cryptic to take note of where they let it go off the rails so they don't make the same mistake with there future titles.
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