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Ok if the following is done in STO, IMO this should make PvP in the game 100% better.

1. Added a sector of space that can be contested; You can gain control of different systems through conquest. The more you control, the more area of space you hold.

2. Add siege to taking a Starbase, be it in space or on the planet; While in space you fight past the defence of the other faction. Turrents, NPC ships, other players

3. Ground battle mainly hand to hand combat. This is the only way to gain control of the Space station or ground base. You control the key areas of the base, then you gain control of the base. Of course the defenders can fight you back out, but that's what makes for great PvP

4. Faction money. This is used to gain PvP items for you and your ship, and also used to help build up a defence of the system you have gained control of. I know more currency to deal with, but hey we need something to fight for.

Mainly having this setup would give a bonus to whatever faction holds the most area in that sector of space. The bonus would be set by the DEV, but it should be bonuses that help whatever faction, be it xp boost or fighting boost or whatever.

What do you guys think?