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Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
Plasma procs do not occur frequently enough to generate sufficient plasma fire stacks needed to actually threaten a ship unless it has already taken significant hull damage.

Large plasma fire stacks are usually delivered by plasma torpedoes, and these slow projectiles are easily avoided or shot down.

The only reliable high damage plasma-fire dot in the game at this time is the Hyperflux firing mode of the Romulan Experimental Beam Array.
No, seriously. I should introduce you to my fleetmate.

Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I think we can safely say that's the case for every proc that is not Phaser.

This was also not your original premise, your original premise was how easily plasma procs are healed by HE.

As far as I'm concerned weapon procs should be relegated to harassment effects and not dramatic effects (which phasers are guilty of).

So while I agree on some of the points you brought up about passive healing and plasma procs being generally low damage from energy weapons, I see nothing wrong with how HE currently clears plasma procs.
There's nothing wrong with phasers. What they shutdown is completely random and there's an immunity for 5 seconds. There is also no stacking of system shutdowns. In effect, once a subsystem is shutdown, there's a 10 second immunity to additional system shutdowns.

If there's any weapon type to complain about, it is Polarons. There's a reason why they are referred to as "lolarons".

It gets a bonus from Flow Capacitors. Has a 5 second drain duration with no immunity after those 5 seconds. The duration drain has a limited stack (note, the notes do not say it cannot stack or can only stack once...just that it has a limited stack). It also has an instant drain that has no stack limits.

Power Insulators will not help you with all of those drains hitting you at the same time. You can easily shut down 2 or 3 subsystems.

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