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02-13-2013, 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by coffeemike View Post
The Fleet Excelsior is better as a tac cruiser... it can mount single cannons and actually be effective in using them.

The Fleet Ambassador is more towards a sci cruiser with that universal Lt. BOFF seat... set her up right and she'll always take you home (A paraphrase from Dr. McCoy during Encounter at Farpoint).

My thinking is, the Fleet Ambassador can become either more tac/sci/eng oriented depending on the situation. So it's more versatile than the Fleet Galaxy Class... ugh. Frak...

But DPS belongs to the Fleet Excelsior still.

Possible Fleet Ambassador builds might include:
-A tac oriented beam boat (because 2 Lt. tac BOFF seats means BO2 and HYT 2 are an option along with TorpSpread 2 and BFAW 2)
-A sci oriented cruiser that turns better than a Star Cruiser
-A Fleet version of the regular Ambassador class (return that Lt. BOFF seat to engineering)

Remember that during the Battle of Wolf 359 as shown in DS9's pilot 'Emissary', the Excelsior Class USS Melbourne was the first ship that the Borg Cube engaged and then afterwards the Ambassador Class USS Yamaguchi with the USS Saratoga were right behind it. A lot of good that did for either ship...
All ships can mount single cannons and turrets, I've tried a few such builds and still found myself liking breams.