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02-13-2013, 11:32 AM
My set up is the following:

Fore: 2 x Elite Fleet Phaser Beam Array, 2 x Advanced Fleet Phaser Beam Array
Aft: 2 x Elite Fleet Phaser Beam Array, 1 x Advanced Fleet Phaser Beam Array, Cutting Beam

En. Tac: Beam Fire at Will
Lt. Tac: Tactical Team, Attack Pattern Delta
Com. Eng: Em. to Weapons I, Reverse shield Pol., Em. to Shields III, Directed Energy Modulation III
Lt. Eng: Eng. Team, Aux to Bat
Lt. Com. Sci: Tractor Beam, Hazard Em., Gravity Well.

Devices: Aux bat, Red matter, Weapon Bat, Subspace Field Modulator


Elite Fleet Shields or MACO XII
Omega Engines and Deflector


Engineering: Assimilated Module, 2 x Neutronium Alloy , (4th console depends but not RCS)
Science: 1 x Field Generator, 1 x Particle Generators
Tactical: 3 x Phaser Relay
Fed Sci: Tethys U.S.S. Chronos Aionios, U.S.S. Denomon Gnosis {Fleet: HSF}
KDF Eng: Boreas I.K.S. Demonon Nemesis {Fleet: HoS}
Rom Sci: Crius I.R.W. Noctem Aeternus {Fleet: LoS}
Fed Tac: Kronos U.S.S. Xibalba, I.S.S. Theogonia{Fleet: HSF}

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