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Originally Posted by squatsauce View Post
With a stop watch. Not as fancy as a DPS parser, but pretty reliable technology.

I did not say they were flat out better. I said that they were far more useful. They can maintain a constant DPS no matter the ship's facing and benefit from the punchier cannon tac skills. The boosted rate of fire they benefit from also means they can potentially make more critical hits and trigger more procs. Your mention of maneuvering only reinforces my point: I can carefully maneuver a ponderous cruiser around in order to maintain my 6 beams slightly higher base DPS against a target and rely on a combination of engineering skills, maneuvering patterns, and tac team to boost DPS, or I can simply be within 10 km and constantly cycle tac team 1/cannon rapid fire and do nearly as much damage with little to no effort on my part. Furthermore, I can pretty do that boosted damage pretty much constantly.

While certainly handy, your 2500 cryptic point torpedo weapon isn't relevant to the discussion. I am glad you're enjoying your new character, though, and hope you have a great time either way.

beams slightly higher base dps?

beams are about 40-50% higher base dps than a turret. on my ship with 4 blue mk xii consoles and 125 weapon power turrets are just under 700 dps, beams are well over 1k. that's on the mouseover.

and i've parsed 7 turrets, 6 turrets and a torpedo, 5 turrets and 2 torpedos, 5 beams and a torp and 6 beams with a torp. which which two were the highest? it wasn't the turrets.

fact is that turrets have larger damage drop off from what i'm seeing, and they do less damage per proc. the dmg listed on the romulan consoles on my beams is 71 dmg. on turrets it. 0.03 dmg. that's not a typo and bears out in the parse.

my 2500 point cryptic torpedo came with the assault cruiser refit, which does dps nearly on par with my jem'hadar dread but with substantially more survivability - again with beams.

parse your results. anecdotes and your 'stopwatch' do not count due to rng.

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