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Originally Posted by naevius View Post
it's that they all add together
What's wrong with the game is a cumulative effect of so many, so so so many, so many things. They keep lumping more and more on - without considering how those pieces may or may not work together. They delude themselves into believing that they're offering an opportunity cost - but that cost's not there. Things aren't anywhere near balanced enough for there to be an opportunity cost in most cases.

And more's going to be added.

At what point do they just make all buffs active and give everybody SNB DOFFs - so with a mix of lucky RNG from a few sources, folks might get the kill? How much of the game already revolves around VM, SNB, and other various lucky procs because as was stated earlier in the thread - folks are running around near perma buffed - where they still have stuff in reserve for the gaps...or maybe they even have some RNG defensive proc.

It's almost enough to make somebody PvE...
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