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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Er... outside of there being no logical reason why they do it. Other than a x/25 proc from a Mk I Phaser turret has the same proc chance as 125/100 proc from a Mk XII VR Phaser turret. That a lucky proc from them will kill shields, kill weapons, kill the ability to heal, or bring a target to a standstill. Yeah, nothing wrong with Phasers.

Tetryon might take some shields. Phasers might take all of the shields.
Polaron might take some energy from a system. Phasers might take all of the energy from a system.
Disruptors might reduce some hull damage resistance. Phasers might take the ability to use any ability requiring Aux that adds hull damage resistance.

Phasers are the most powerful proc. Maybe you wanted it to drop shields and it dropped engines instead - well, then that person might have gone from 90% defense to 15%. Maybe you wanted shields but got weapons - well, that person's not doing any damage to you now - may even end up wasting buffs. Wanted shields but got Aux - you burn through their shields anyway and they've got no Aux to deal with that damage.

Yeah, no problem with Phasers... /cough

Course, that's before you get into the hybrids with phaser procs.

If somebody wants to play Tuvok and pull a Covariant Phaser Pulse - then let them grab the Tac ability or fly a Sci. Phasers should have a different proc. Course, the proc fits in perfectly with the it's ON or it's OFF extreme mentality of everything else in why not have the worst form of RNG to boot, eh?
Do all of the procs scale with power levels? I know for sure plasma DOT does not. My fleet mate runs his power levels at a minimum to boost his aux and shields power level, and still gets the same plasma DOT burn. I don't know about the others, but it wouldn't make sense for Tetryon, Disruptor, or Polaron to scale with power level. And, again, what it disables is random. Any disabled system can be repaired with a battery or Red Matter Capcitor, no? Who doesn't have at least one battery in their device slots?

Polarons on their own have the capability to completely drain a subsystem. And it's all subsystems, not just one, that is weakened. Combine it with other drain abilities (like Leach) and you get the same affect as phasers, except it can happen on multiple subsystems at the same time. Polarons are much more crippling when specced into it and combined with other drains. Phasers, with the exception of hybrids, do not benefit from skills or additional equipment. Carrying a battery won't necessarily fix all of your shutdown systems if they get enough stacking duration and instant drains.