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02-13-2013, 12:11 PM
Ummm...first of all, a lot of escorts I know run 1 field generator already. They may use the others science slots for universals, but I think there's a place for a field generator in nearly any build. I think you can therefore see why they don't need to make it any more juicier than it already is.

If you really want to have some shield tank w/ the embassy consoles, the shield emitter embassy console is sufficient. It'll boost any shield heals you have.

By the way, "the more useful consoles"? Having the damage increase and threat decrease itself isn't useful enough for you already? By the way, while in theory you have more options by adding the last two science consoles to the list, in reality, you've decreased the variety of consoles used(I bet 90%+ of people will only run the generator).