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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
I will admit to using the kinetic proc and plasma proc, but their damage is pretty weak. I tested my damage with 1.5 total damage (running all cannons), and I did 77k kinetic damage and 22k in plasma DOT.

I'm not a fan of the hybrid weapons. I'd prefer the extra modifiers over the procs.
What did you parse with? I don't have the Rom [Pla] consoles to see if they show up correctly or not. It's a royal PITA trying to get actual PDoT damage with ACT. Sometimes it covers the damage, sometimes it doesn't - it's the way the combat log's written.

Usually you'll have this:

13:02:07:18:33:04.1:: Plague,P (space added after : to avoid the smiley)

Sometimes though, you'll have this:


That second one does not appear to belong to anybody - but if you look at the end you might see 5ljrah1.

But that doesn't help you any, because that 5ljrah1 is the same for anybody. The only real way to test is against a person or a NPC that doesn't use 5ljrah1.

Because otherwise, you won't be able to tell if the:


Belonged to you or somebody else with the way it's written in the log.

Every line should have the datetime stamp, the entity name, and whether it's a (P)layer or (C)omputer entity. Hilbert can fix the parsing issue with some of the funky names added in S7 for attacks - but he can't do anything about the log not telling him who did the attack.
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