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02-13-2013, 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
Uhhh this isn't a bug or glitch. This is intended although one could argue that the romulan elite scorpions can be launched from a vo'quv but at same time you wouldn't be able to launch a fek'ihr or jem hadar pet out of a vo'quv. Its not something as pressing as a lot of the bugs on KDF that are thrown out as its working as intended like the decloaking bug. Or the matter of fact that the account server seems to be dead today.
It's hard not to just say "You're not a dev to say if it's a bug or not." So this is me not saying it.

Vo'Quv and Kar'fi have had BoP's and Fer'Jai restricted to their respective carrier. With those there is a size argument and an argument that something unique should be left to each one. The 3 Orion pets have never been restricted. They are small, so from a size standpoint they are exactly what you would expect from a hybrid carrier. Orion Slavers can be slotted on the HEC, so there is no faction/race argument to be made. Even S'kul fighters can be slotted, which require the Kar'fi to be purchased in order to unlock. So every precedent points to these being usable on the Jem HEC.

Further, it's in Cryptic's best interest to allow these hangars to be slotted. They are the only option for a cc hangar aside from siphon drones; any Jem HEC pilot who wants a useful pet without resorting to the still-broken siphons will be motivated to purchase them.

Sure there are other issues, if you want to post about the decloaking bug on their FB wall be my guest. This issue has my panties in a wad.