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02-13-2013, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by patientnr0 View Post
its main advantage is the fact that it can fire torps and use many sci-powers without decloaking. it decloaks for 3 sec and than cloaks again. so its really only useful as a torp-bop.
It IS fun with trics and with the right timing you'll have tons of dmg/kills if you are part of a team
The only thing reasonable enemies are likely to complain about is the use of Trico mines + dispersal patterns.

They're clearly overpowered, and aside from the very minor nerf they took Borticus is working on another nerf.

So that should be a clear indicator you are using a problematic and overpowered item. Expect people to dislike you for it, or switch to a different mine set.