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# 1 My STF Damage and DPS
02-13-2013, 01:07 PM
Hi All,

Just Wondering if,

#1 My damage and DPS (Sare is the char. name)is good enough to move on to Elite STF's (I have more than 300 standard STF's under my belt)

#2 the Advanced Combat tracker is pretty accurate, or do i need to try another?

some setup and background info:

I am a tac capt. running Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons XI ( all I can afford atm), I'm using the Breen ship as my main but I also have the patrol escort. I FEEL that I get more DPS and DAMAGE from the Breen than I do from the Escort, ACT seems to confirm that.

I know that the breen ship is probably not a favorite of a lot of players but imo its a really good ship, however if someone has a better ship suggestion than I will look into it.

I have seen ALOT of posts with guides and discussions for DPS, Damage, PVP, PVE, ships, and ship setups but none of those setups or suggestions seem to add anymore damage or dps to either of my ships. the only thing that seems to be left is my play-style.
I'm not a button masher nor do I just run in with my hair on fire. I try to be as TEAM oriented as possible and heal others as well as combine firepower as needed to ensure the optional is a success.

Any and all input is welcome

Thanks in advance

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