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02-13-2013, 01:12 PM
1. Resilient shields (MACO for example)
2. As the other said stick to 1 energy type weapon.
3. Try to have full sets or 2 piece set combo like 2 piece Omega for tetryon Glider and MACO shields
4. If you have more energy weapons than torps-mines then all tactical consoles should amplify the energy weapon type.
5. At least 1 sci console should be a Field Generator.
6. Hazard Emitters sci ability is also a must.(2 of your proposed builds do not have it)
7. Science abilities you should choose like Tractor Beam, Transfer shield strength, polarize hull, hazard emitters, skip TykRift and Gravity Well.

In cruiser you should focus in "partially" heal (others) and take aggro. In the escort DPS is your main focus.
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