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02-13-2013, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
I think a setup with 4 sci captain carriers would be a good foundation. Preferably KDF to get leech and the soccer console. Add a cloaked escort, maybe a fleet defiant. Have the escort zoom in, run a super alpha with all 4 SNBs as support and sci fleet to cover the escort. Run out with the impulse burst console as soon as APA/TacFleet wears off and engage cloak. Repeat until 15 kills.
I'd need to run more tests on abusive things but I'd imaginge there'd be many SNB Doffs, AoE pseudo AP boosts, Siphon Drones, Phased Polarons, Theta, PSWTorps w/a couple of photonic Doffs, Tach/Tric mine combos, VM w/doffs/SS w/doffs all mixed together w/DHC spikes.

There's other stuff w/time ships/sets, fortress from steam, space wall spam if 10v10 (in theory a target could get boxed in completely w/6 of them), carriers w/recall doffs and MEFs chaining, etc.