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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Two things.

Its random, whatever you get at the end its utter devoid of any connection of what you did during the STF so there is no point, getting the Optional means at least some extra Omega Marks.

More important, Optional is linked to losing conditions ... let over 10 probes go and you know what happens?


The only reason I would stick around but not do a damn thing is because at least it fails and I can do something with perhaps less Uguuuuuuuu challenged people instead of having to take Leaver's Penalty.

Also NO, no rewards from doing your job ... its quite possible to stop the probes at the same time at destroying the gate, current system is fine and not try to BS about rewards being DPS since they arent, they are RANDOM and always been RANDOM.
Two things:

Well, maybe STFs rewards are completly random and people just dont know how to play them, maybe DPS is not the problem (and again, its not the purpose of this post).

But obviusly Federation Minefield and Gorn Minefield favours dirty play so I think they need a fix. And I dont have any problems getting 1st/2nd place.

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