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02-13-2013, 02:19 PM
At 5.5k you're probably more than ready to go into Elite STFs. There's one more thing to be considered, though: can you sit face to face with a Normal Donatra and tank her for at least a minute? That much survivability is pretty much a minimum requirement for ESTFs, and won't keep you from dying to Elite spheres on a regular basis. 5.5k is definitely plenty of DPS though, the other day I played on a team where everyone else had 3k and I had 4.8 and it felt like we were an extremely solid team, and got the optional despite screwing up 10% both times. Obviously you need to know the tactics as well, that's probably more important than your DPS, and the other thing that would be nice is if you could get GW1 on your Breen ship, that ability saves so many optionals.

And yes, ACT is a fine choice, probably the best, I've been planning to switch to it.