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02-13-2013, 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Your not an actual Star Trek fan, are you?

I can only think you are not if thats the basis of your arguement on why the feds deserve cloaking.
The KDF playerbase is "depriving" the fed playerbase!!!!!!! LMAO. Thats rich.
I am not sure if this was addressed to me or not. I already stated in an earlier post that I believe only the Defiant and Galaxy X classes should have cloak but that it should be integral to the ship not a console.

I am a Star Trek fan in most ways. There are many things I did not like about it, including the way the main antagonist, the Klingon Empire was so poorly developed in TOS.

My post you seem to be questioning is more a challenge to a poor argument. I prefer some RL logic to be incorporated into story lines to give things a sense of realism and continuity. I also want to see this game fun for ALL players, and nerf raging and changing every time a minority whines and cries OP at the expense of others is something I really do not like.
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