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Originally Posted by dixa1 View Post
beams slightly higher base dps?

beams are about 40-50% higher base dps than a turret. on my ship with 4 blue mk xii consoles and 125 weapon power turrets are just under 700 dps, beams are well over 1k. that's on the mouseover.

and i've parsed 7 turrets, 6 turrets and a torpedo, 5 turrets and 2 torpedos, 5 beams and a torp and 6 beams with a torp. which which two were the highest? it wasn't the turrets.

fact is that turrets have larger damage drop off from what i'm seeing, and they do less damage per proc. the dmg listed on the romulan consoles on my beams is 71 dmg. on turrets it. 0.03 dmg. that's not a typo and bears out in the parse.

my 2500 point cryptic torpedo came with the assault cruiser refit, which does dps nearly on par with my jem'hadar dread but with substantially more survivability - again with beams.

parse your results. anecdotes and your 'stopwatch' do not count due to rng.
I understand the desire to eliminate "anecdotal" evidence from the conversation, but you must understand that quoting your DPS numbers without any context or methodology description is very much anecdotal evidence itself.

So, let me break this down for you using science. All values presented are estimated sustaned DSP derived from the Starship Weapons Calculator 4.0:

All things being equal and before taking into account any skill-based or weapon-based variables, and assuming a starting power level of 100 and a distance of 2 km:

6 vanilla mk xi turrets will do approximately 1440 DPS no matter what direction a ship is facing.

6 vanilla mk xi beam arrays will do approximately 1579 dps on a broadside and 1112 DPS in the fore and aft firing arcs.

Under ideal circumstances, the beams do approximately 10%more damage. Under less-than-ideal circumstances, they do 23% less.

Now, let's talking about adding in skills:

6 vanilla mk xi turrets + Cannon Rapid Fire 1 + Tac Team 1 = 1984 DPS @ 1 target
6 vanilla mk xi beam arrays + Beam Fire at Will 1 + Tac Team 1 = 2006 DPS broadside, 1412 fore and aft.

Under ideal circumstances, beams will deal 1% more DPS, under less than ideal circumstances, they deal 15% less.

Things change the further out you go, of course, but the overall damage for turrets continues to be between the ideal and less-than-ideal values for beams and the boost from Cannon Rapid Fire effectively brings it up to par with BFAW at all ranges against single targets.

Simple math. In most cases, turrets are preferable to a similar number of beam arrays in situations where you cannot maintain ideal DPS for more than 50% of the engagement.