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If you want a Fleet defiant with battle cloak then you're going to have to sacrifice some hull and a bridge officer station to bring it closer to BoP standard. Eg. Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit has 5 BOFF stations, one more than a Fleet Hoh'Sus. It also has 8250 more hull compared to the Hoh'Sus.

[COLOR= "green"] no one said anything about giving the Feds battle cloak. As I posted before, only the Defiant and Galaxy X should have cloak, but I would support them as integral to the ship and NOT a console. My reason is the idea of plug and play for something like a cloaking device is ridiculous from an engeering view point. "Balance" or giving something up to get something as you put it are just odd arguments. No one HAS to give up something. This is a game. If the Devs want to give something it's up to them. Only in PvP does balance really matter.[/color]

"Depriving one side for the sake of another is never welcome." Is KDF content on par with Federation content? KDF is deprived of content, that is why we get the cooler toys. I have spent money on my KDF characters, I paid good money for unlocks and consoles. The GIVE FEDS CLOAK WAAA WAAA WAAA threads are worse than nerf escort/buff cruiser threads... the cloak topic is a plague in these forums.

i said nothing about depriving the KDF of anything. I play KDF far more than Fed and I think KDF development should be at the top of the dev priorities for at least the next 2 seasons. If you were less hung up or defensive you would understand what I am saying much more clearly. This is a game. Each of us is a customer expecting an excellent play experience. It really isn't about one faction or the other. It is never right to change the game in a way that unfairly devalues the investment of anyone else.

Some of us are fans of the series and would like to see a Star Trek game where the IP has not been taken to a viking **** party. Canon is good. Feds dont fight, they have little tea parties and hug, even in a time of war...

Here are some federation options for cloaking. Although these might not be as good a battle cloak they are still sufficient cloaking abilities
- Cloaking Device (Gal-X, Defiant-R).
- Mask Energy Signature.
- Adapted MACO 3 part ability.
- Romulan T5 Ability.

If you're still not happy with those options, play as a KDF toon or GTFO.
STO will never be canon. It never has been, never will be nor can it be.

As for your GTFO? Pffft. Whatever! I have just as much right here as you and am a paying customer. I have a valid opinion. If you don't like it I don't care. If you can't be more respectful why don't you GTFO? There's the door.
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