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02-13-2013, 04:22 PM
I really don't get the fascination with cloaking technology, honestly. I personally wouldn't have anything against that Defiant and Gal-X get an integrated cloaking device - or perhaps that all the ships capable of cloaking get an device slot and that Cryptic incorporates different kinds of cloaking devices. I know the idea is farfetched, but there could be lots of improvement over it anyway.

This is all just putting into the idea of the game. As a Star Trek fan, I wouldn't give cloaking technology to any of the Federation ships because I believe Federation ships do not need it (despite the fact two ships already have it in game blue-side). Cloaking technology was primarily used in Star Trek as an tactical advantage while attacking an enemy ship (or trying to delay/escape the encounter or force the encounter under one's terms). Federation, IMHO at least, has always been about only fighting as a last resort and when driven to the defense by other factions (or defending those in need). Federation never needed to hide their ships, and do something behind the curtains - Federation was always about being noble, open, friendly, finding a solution that fits everyone. Even in a deep state of war with the Klingons, Federation would stay true to their beliefs, their military ways. I just don't see Fed getting so desperate that they'd forget what it is to be a Federation and Human in the first place. Besides, I never had a feeling Federation is loosing the war with the Klingons anyway.

I Personally play both factions, I never had a feeling either of the factions have an huge advantage over the other ship-wise. Battlecruisers are a different breed of ships compared to Federation cruisers and I find them much more enjoyable, however I find Federation escorts superior to the KDF, as well as science ships, which I honestly think there's not enough on the Klingon side.

Moreover, I do not think it's a good thing to borrow as many elements of the Klingon gameplay to the Federation as a content (even if we're talking something else and not cloaking devices), I believe this is not going to help with the number disparity (and thus content disparity) over the factions at all, more then likely just worsening the situation.

My humble 2 cents, anyway.
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