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02-13-2013, 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
oh god, its exactly as bad as i thought on tribble

[Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtD] [CrtH]x2]-4617 tool tip, 6984 displayed in hud. HY1 hud display damage-10476

[Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [Dmg]x2 [CrtH]] HY1 hud display damage-13644

not sure how much damage the temporal super chrono trop deals, haven't bought it. but even a plasma torp, with 4k hitpoints, deals more damage then an equivalent tric torp.

who phoned in this change? this has to be a mistake. go ahead and half the tric torp cool down, but don't mess with its DPV at all. its been an unappealing option with its cooldown, only the most extreme ambush builds would even consider using it. its damage was not even that impressive for what you have to wait for, far below what tric mines are capable of. give it back the damage, and let it keep the new cooldown. it would be actually apealing then.
To be fair, Tricobalts disable a ship for 2-4 seconds. Omega does plasma DOT.

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
I don't use them much at all anymore, but anyword if this effects bio-neurals?
I was wondering this myself, but I suspect the cooldown will still be 1min, so they may not touch the damage.