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Originally Posted by johnny111971 View Post
I am a Fed only player... I don't think we need any additional cloaking ability...
I play mostly KDF but in all honesty the only ship I would like to see have a battle cloak on fed side is the defiant. I was completely against it for a few years but I had noticed that was the reason I started KDF besides loving the lore from the series of the Klingon Empire. I just think if it was to get one it would only be for the defiant and that it would have to be a 2 console piece set since a console is already for the regular cloak. On the same token though I do think the raptors should have a battle cloak as well.

In the long run though since this game is DS9 heavy since theres no delta quadrant and all the enemies except the borg are either allies of the federation or live off of support it. It will one day with the constant cut and paste content that the game will eventually return both factions to allies as it once was during the dominion war and most of TNG because its the only way it will ever fit together. In the history of wars when both sides just are going all out against each other I've never heard of 2 warring factions saying uhhh guys we are dieing can you both have a cease fire and pick up rocks for us?

I cannot forget the most 2 epic abilities in each factions history the b'rel enhanced battle cloak and the ablative armor of voyager being such crap in this game. So I get this right ablative armor lasts 10 seconds and the b'rel just can't kill anything unless it has 10x the duration chang had to severly damage the enterprise. They probally have solutions for these they just want to wait till they are dead broke and sell them off in a lockbox.