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Does anybody find the warp out scene and accompanying sound effects to be lackluster in STO?

Compare the STO warp out:

To all these:

My favorite part of all of the warps is the Bird of Prey Warp out from Star Trek: The Voyage Home. You just get hit with the sense that damn, that is blazing fast feeling (plus the yellow trail in the back makes it seem even faster). You can find this warp out at 26-33 seconds in the vid.

My 2nd most favorite warp out is seen at 4 seconds and 9 seconds which I believe are from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I love it b/c it sounds like a laser gun charging up to fire and because of the super retro special effects .

My third most favorite warp out is from Star Trek 3: Search for spock at 23 seconds into the video. The cool zoom effect just makes me want to listen to it over and over.

And finally to this:

My least favorite warp out is the JJverse Enterprise warp out because it sounds like the weakest bass drum hit I've ever heard, and it isn't drawn out like the zoom effect is in the motion picture, Star Trek II, and III.

There could be a lot of reasons why I find the warp out in STO lacklaster. Maybe it should be accompanied by a short and triumphant trumpet piece that crescendos up as you warp out into space. Maybe it needs more color. Another is that my carrier pets never warp out with me which also breaks my immersion. If I'm warping out in my gigantic Vo'quv, why wouldn't my pet Bel'rothies warp out with me?

Anyways, so what is your most favorite warp out from any of the series or movies? Why do you like it, and do you think STO should do a better job with it's warp out animation?

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