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02-13-2013, 05:59 PM
As a member of a small fleet for both factions, a fleet that's been here since the start of the game, with most of its members away for an extended period, with only me and one or two others to hold the fort, this removal of fleet marks from the Foundry is painful.

I hold no hopes of my fleets getting up to higher tiers for a very long time, but with the Foundry providing a good source of fleet marks, this has been the only way to get my three-year old fleets up to and past tier 1.

Not only that, but having this reward for playing Foundry missions has introduced me to a lot of *good* and *fun* missions hand-crafted by talented storytelling players that I would have otherwise not have discovered if not for the addition of fleet marks to the rewards. Now I take the time with friends or fleet mates to find and play such missions *and* gain fleet marks for my struggling fleets.

I've grinded fleet marks the other way, doing those few queueable missions that provide them, and I have to say it's not rewarding, effective, or fun enough to do long-term. I'm already tired of doing the same handful of queues over and over again, which is why I've been happy to see the Foundry reward fleet marks. And as others have said, it's especially difficult to get queues going on the KDF side of things.

So that's my feedback, I do not agree with the removal or partial removal of fleet marks from the Foundry. It would be more harmful than helpful, as fleet projects are already costly enough without removing or severely lessening one stable source of a necessary fleet material.