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Originally Posted by clintsat View Post
Let me know what you guys think here:

Sci/Jem'hadar Dread Carrier

Fore: 3x phased polaron single cannons, 1x phased polaron DBB
Aft: 1x phased polaron turret, 1x tachyon mines, 1x quantum mines

Tac: TT1, BO2, CRF2, DPB3
Tac: TT1, CRF1
Sci: TSS1

Varies to situation, almost always have 3x SDO for the extra heal

1x JHAS, 1x Danubes

Fleet Resilient Shield/Jem Resilient Shield (whatever my mood is)
Jem Engine
Jem Deflector

4x Polaron Tac
1x Field Emitter, 1x rom flow cap
1x Neutronium, 1x ablative, dominion console set (2 consoles)

The goal is to support the team with pets, group attack pattern and mines. You create quite a mess for anyone that fights around you. The ship doesn't do that much damage but the procs are great at slowing someone down long enough for the escorts to mop up.

Appreciate any thoughts as I am trying to make something pvp worthy out of this ship...
My suggestions are as follows:

Drop the Quantum Mines for Plasma Mines or Transphasic Mines. Plasma Mines recharge faster, but Transphasic Mines can hit harder at times.

Drop Rapid Fire 2 for Omega 1 You don't have a Polarized Hull, so your going to want a way to avoid Tractor Beams, and it will be helpful vs Warp Plasma as well.

Go with 2 Piece Borg Engine and Deflector for more Survivability.

You got your Universal Mixed up. The Universal is a Lt And your LtC is an Engineering station.

I'd recommend perhaps Changing your Lt Universal to a Science one for Hazard Emitters 1 and TSS 2, giving you the option to change your Ensign Sci to Polarized Hull 1, or even another Hazard Emitters or Transfer shield depending on what you feel comfortable with.
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