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02-13-2013, 07:17 PM
Originally Posted by inktomi19 View Post
(About the effectiveness the three types o impulse engine)

I think so. Speed plays a big role both in calculating defense and in positioning. Combat and Hyper engines were both designed with the idea that they'd trade high performance at certain power levels for low performance at others, but in practice you can't run at low enough power to use a combat engine, while you can run enough power for a hyper engine with only minimal sacrifice.

At the very least the combat engines shouldn't exist. They're in a few sets, but they have reduced effectiveness at all power levels since you can't go much below 50 at end game.

The only problem with the hyper engines is that their benefit isn't balanced by anything. I can run 125 weapon power, 90ish shield power, and 70 engine power full time on any ship. I'd be running similar power levels no matter what engine I used.

I guess it's a general 'gear' problem, but it effects people that either haven't learned much, or haven't had the chance to gear up. It just seems like an unnecessary barrier.
Kk, will add general statement about normal engines beibg useless in pvp.