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02-13-2013, 08:22 PM
Originally Posted by deusemperor View Post
You guys messed up the Temporal Disruption Device. It now has half damage but still same 19 second cooldown. Its damage is now 3,255.2 kinetic which is half of what it is on holodeck right now. The cooldown for it is still 19 seconds!!! Either double the damage or else cut the cooldown in half! This needs to be fixed before it goes to holodeck!

P.S. WHy does it have a 30 second cooldown after firing off a torp spread... That doesn't even make sense.
ya, checked the tribble lobi store and a photon torp deals more damage then the temporal torp. this is the dumbest change yet, halving the damage on this stuff, it wasn't a problem.
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