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Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
I am not sure if this was addressed to me or not. I already stated in an earlier post that I believe only the Defiant and Galaxy X classes should have cloak but that it should be integral to the ship not a console.

I am a Star Trek fan in most ways. There are many things I did not like about it, including the way the main antagonist, the Klingon Empire was so poorly developed in TOS.

My post you seem to be questioning is more a challenge to a poor argument. I prefer some RL logic to be incorporated into story lines to give things a sense of realism and continuity. I also want to see this game fun for ALL players, and nerf raging and changing every time a minority whines and cries OP at the expense of others is something I really do not like.
Yes it was addressed to you.
Your real life rationalization has no bearing in how the federation acts as the Hero in Star Trek. Even the creator of the IP was against the idea of the feds cloaking. His idea of humanity, even in conflict, that thry would not use such technologies.
The excerpt of ingame history from Path of 2409 honors that ideology.
Your PoV does not.

As to the "deprived" statement. The feds have not been deprived. They have 2 cloaking ships. They are as free to play the KDF as anyone else if they dislike the 2 choices they have as the hero federation

The "between the lines" dislike you seem to have for PvP and your perception how it has ruined the game in your opinion is definately out of place.
Us KDF fans who argue against the feds getting widespread dont do so because of any advantage it may give ( which is not much really) but because its something the hero feds dont use ( to the point of having many reasons as to why) and finally because it, would be just another thing taken from the KDF faction purely on fed asking for it.
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