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Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
No, too easy to abuse if on every mission.

ie: Queue mission, donate 20k Expertise on a character that has over 20 million expertise. Drop project. Repeat. Or if you have lots of ECs, do something similar for a project that requires a bunch of shield generators or something.
True. For a fleet this could be exploited just like you said. What they need to do is allow fleet/embassy projects to be cancelled ONLY if not a single thing has been contributed yet. Even if 1 expertise or 1 dilithium is contributed it can't be cancelled. This will avoid exploitation and avoid fleet members getting mad having a project cancelled after they contributed a fair amount to it. For rep systems, that's a whole 'nother story. You don't gain anything for contributing (until the project is finished completely), and if you cancel a project you lose anything you added and it only affects you and you alone.
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