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02-13-2013, 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
I've always found Torp-B'rels annoying at best but altogether, ineffective, especially in Cap N' Hold. Dumping a bunch of mines, torps without engaging the target at all allows the target to simply sit there and either just BFI or target AoE. Without someone to distract their target's attention or work on bringing down their shields, that B'rel might as well be decloaking and blowing bubbles at it's target.

With a blanket nerf to Trics inc, I suspect many players will be shelving their B'rels in the near future.
It made me tink of dusting mine off lol. 15 second shared cooldown for basically what the PSWTorp console gives you. Add in the PSWTorp console, PSW and photonic doffs, VM and SS makes for a lot of stuns and other debuffs. The mines still do just shy of 20k damage w/3 tric boosting consoles, 2 part KHG and EBC buff, while the torps 10. If nothing else it'd be an anti ES build.