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02-13-2013, 09:14 PM
Originally Posted by zardonfar View Post
Does anyone else find it odd that they nerfed the FM on the foundry at the same time the Large Fleets have made it to T5? Are they attempting to kill all the small fleets so we have to join the large ones?
My guess is that they're trying to herd players to certain content, and not use any one thing to the point on ignoring other things the devs spent time on developing. It was very easy to make FMs in a half-decent quantity without ever touching the fleet events using the Foundry. Problem is the 'carrot on a stick' followed by the cattle prod method they seem to like using lately.

That and sell lock box keys to open lock boxes and DOff packs which have a chance of giving a Fleet Marks booster pool (which otherwise can only be gotten by spending more FC than you can get back using it)...