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02-13-2013, 10:20 PM
COMM ID: Cokc adn Bull
ACCESS ID: 263745r-AT
LOCATION: beyond Briar Patch, Sector QSR-390021; and Cardassian occupied planetoid 4745848

Howdy bosh,

Layin low on Bajor for a while, heard of some activity near the Briar patch - I am going to want to avoid, so I figured I would moor up here and check in on the offices, see how everything is going. Maybe find a little Bajoran girly to keep me warm tonight... anyway, I got some ideas to throw around with y'all, bout where we officially headquarter our selves (purely a tax matter at this point) but my instincts tell me, we might be able to save ourselves a big load of cash. Anyway, working on a proposal now, I will pass it up to the acting boss man in a few days, but as it stands now, I went up there to NGC-5139...scarey plcae still, I was able to slip in and slip out, without raising an eye...and with a fill hold of wine....I love this stuff, kept ten cases for myself, so if you want a bottle, let me know, but you better make it quick, or it may just be all gone......well, better make it real quick.....*glug glug glug*

yea sooo...

Otis Jeb

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