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02-13-2013, 09:25 PM
Really, I'd say pick a race that you enjoy as a character you'll be playing. Enjoy the game.

Accuracy(space) and Peak Health(ground) are generally good traits to roll with, regardless of role.

As for skill allocation, there's two things to consider - bridge officer ability trainings(less of an issue once you have some player connections) and what kind of ships/playstyles you want to go with.

For dps, you want weapon skills and power to keep those weapons running.

For tanking, you want resists and ample amounts of power for shields and auxiliary. Engines if you want to run heavier on evading.

For control/support, plenty of power for auxiliary. The rest depends on what kind of abilities you want to use. Specialize and you can do some great things.

If you're really wanting to min/max, I'd suggest taking it to the FED/KDF general and shipyard boards.