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Originally Posted by hypl View Post
Well, you're supposed to get FLEET marks from FLEET events, right? I guess removing it from IOR makes sense, even though fleets can group up to do it anyway...

Still, a bit of a bump in fleet mark earnings from current fleet missions would be nice to fill the void.
Yes I understand that and have no problem with fleet marks being removed as a foundry reward, as long as they intend to increase the amount we can get from fleet actions.

Examples: Federation Fleet Alert (defeat the waves of enemies and the final siege group while keeping the starbase from being destroyed before time runs out). Maximum amount of fleet marks upon successful complete = 17 (22 during 2 hour bonus fleet mark event). That's it. If you do this fleet action on a character in the level 10-15 range you're lucky if you can complete it successfully before time runs out. Nothing worse than doing squat for damage, even though you're bumped up to about level 44, only to fail this and get a measly 10 fleet marks if you're lucky.

Starbase Fleet Defense: Takes around a half hour to complete. I haven't done this mission in a long time. Takes too long for little reward and I've never ever seen it completed 100% successfully.

Azura Nebula Rescue: Not worth the time. You have 15 minutes mandatory to rescue as many ships as you can and each type of ship gives so many points. Sometimes each asteroid spawns only 1 or 2 point ships for half or most of the mission. On rare occasions after engaging Tholians around a ship to be rescued, a group of about 5 or so Mirror Universe ships will spawn right on top of you. So you end up having the Tholians AND Mirror ships to deal with before you can rescue a ship which ends up taking too much time and you miss out on scoring more points. One time I did this about 3 weeks ago, 1 player was tanking the Tholians away from the ship. I went right under the ship and started to release the tractor beams. That's when a group of mirror ships spawned on top of ME, used a tractor beam on ME, and attacked ME, and I had to start fighting. Took a good 2 minutes or so for the rest of the team to get done freeing other ships and come help us. 2 minutes that could have been spend freeing another ship, or 2 if your team split up.
The reason why I say this mission isn't even worth doing: No matter how many ships you free or how many points you score the absolute maximum reward you earn is 18 Romulan Marks (22 during bonus rep event) and 6 fleet marks (8 during bonus fleet mark event). And due to Mirror Universe ships spawning, and/or a not so good team, I've managed to get only about 13 or less Romulan Marks for completing this on more than one occasion.

I remember with the announcement about the changes to the foundry where a mission needs to take at least 15 minutes to qualify for Investigate Officer Reports, Cryptic stated they wanted to reward us for the amount of time spent doing something. I took this as meaning: the longer it takes, the more you earn. Not true in the slightest. It takes a mandatory 15 minutes to complete Azura Nebula Rescue for a maximum 18 Romulan Marks. Hell, I can complete 3 dailies, excluding the instances, on New Romulus to earn 30 Romulan Marks in that same amount of time. But I guess that's what they want us to do for Romulan Marks. I don't do them anymore. I've decided that if I need Romulan Marks, I'll just team up, tag Epohhs, evolve them, then trade it in.

It also seems like almost nobody even does Mine Trap anymore. It takes forever to get into. I actually like that mission and it awards around 22 Romulan Marks, possibly more depending on how well everybody does.

In Infected: The Conduit Elite you have 15 minutes to earn the bonus, as long as you do it right, for a minimum of 75 Omega marks. Even without the bonus you still earn 60 Omega marks. And often times I can complete Infected: The Conduit Elite STF with a good 5 or more minutes to spare and that includes the bonus.

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