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Originally Posted by buayafederasi View Post
"breaking the planet", "the big dig", "gorn minefield", "klingon scout force", "starbase 24" all labelled fleet action but none giving fleet mark. only 1 big dig daily gives it, and it can be taken once a day.
at least make all fleet actions giving fleet mark so they can be entitled "fleet action".
The problem with that is: you don't need to be IN a fleet to do those missions. So, in my opinion, they aren't even fleet actions because they are labeled as rewarding Dilithium/Gear, not fleet marks.

I noticed on a couple new characters at around level 10, the only thing I had available in the PVE Queue was Starbase 24. After joining a fleet with each character, the missions marked as having a reward of Fleet marks, such as Federation Fleet Alert, Starbase Fleet Defense, became available because those you have to actually be in a fleet for.
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