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02-13-2013, 11:38 PM
Originally Posted by djconcentus View Post
Calling it now, the Foundry mission change is going to send fleet progression rate hurtling downwards at an absurd rate. Especially when you factor in the absurd flark costs for some of the higher-tier upgrades, it puts them basically out of reach of any small or not overly active fleet. Its not fair to the people who want the T4 and T5 fleet ships.
Agreed. My fleet is a small family fleet with 10 or so members. Five of those that are really active. We don't anticipate ever making tier 5 and maybe not tier 4 even though we dump marks and equipment in daily. We've slowed way down but haven't quite given up.

STO gives big fleets a huge advantage over those who chose to stick with small fleets. It also draws people away from the small fleets.