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02-14-2013, 12:13 AM
Galaxy and Negh'Var were mirrors of each other since launch.

Now lets check how far we have moved....

Fleet Galaxy
Hull: 44000
Shield: 1,1
Turn: 6
Inertia: 20
No dual cannons
No cloak
No universal ensign

Fleet Negh'Var
Hull: 42900
Shield: 1,1
Turn: 9
Inertia: 25
dual cannons
universal ensign

So in the eyes of the all-mighty cryptic ship balance dev (hi Geko?), 1100 hull points is worth +3 turn, +5 inertia, cloak, ability to use dual cannons and universal ensign. Balance like hell. That's either pure incompetence, or unprofessional bias towards Galaxy class.

And im not even talking about the more favourable console setup for Negh'Var and more offensive power bonuses.