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Originally Posted by foundrelic View Post
The Federation still honors the Treaty of Algeron (Expressly forbids the development of Cloaking technology by the Federation).

Cloaking Technology is researched (in order to find counters) but no technology is built.
The console disagrees with you. According to

Game Description The Treaty of Algeron, signed in 2311 by the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets, prohibited Federation cloaking devices. This agreement has been a source of controversy in Starfleet, where some officers believed it severely limited tactical options and put the Federation at a disadvantage.

Although the Federation initially agreed to follow the treaty after the destruction of the Romulan homeworld, in early 2409 Starfleet was authorized to develop and implement cloaking technology on selected ships.

This console allows you to cloak your ship. The cloak cannot be activated while in combat. It may be equipped on any console slot of a Dreadnought Cruiser or Tactical Escort Retrofit.
I do not own the console but this is supposedly the text that accompanies it. It states pretty clearly that the Federation has just begun to start breaking the treaty.

'Selected ships' gives them enough wiggle room to justify a hobbled cloak ability for the Federation though. This is not something that everybody is wholeheartedly behind, so it's moving slowly. That can be the reason in the fiction, anyway.

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